Best Massage Chairs in 2014 Osaki vs Relaxzen

Massage chairs are really great products that are made to help you stay healthy. We want everyone to see how useful and helpful these items are and therefore posts like this are produced. We were inspired by Best Massage Chair Ultimate Comparison in 2014 by which is the best review available in our opinion. We decided to also serve some useful information regarding this topic on our blog. We really hope that it’s all helpful so you can find best massaging chair that suit your needs.

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Best massage chair with executive class qualities

Have you ever wondered how would you feel if you are placed under zero gravity? That’s quite similar to place you in space where there isn’t anything bothering you, making you feel like flying! Practically it isn’t possible people but what if we make some measures of our own via some technical product at our own home? We could easily use a very nice best massage chair; one of them should be taken into account that’s termed as Osaki 4000 Zero Gravity. This nice and comfortable massaging chair has helped to advent techniques that might be suitable for human minds relaxation. Now lets move forward to knowing some of its exquisite features to get a better idea of what this is all about!

  • This is just as good as a robot yet a chair that makes you feel like lying on a bed of roses for real. This product especially focuses on human neck, shoulder, & lumbar part of human body so that a precise control over the whole body can be overtaken.
  • This cozy massaging product automatically adjusts according to the human body curve and alignment in order to make the process much more effective, realistic and soothing.
  • This product has got enormous 6 massaging ways – rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo with five levels of speed & intensity. Its only a matter of push to the correct button.
  • You can even control scuffing all over your body or either your upper body part or lower part very effectively and separately.
  • Another impressive function out of this product comes from its 6 different auto programs- healthcare, relax, therapy, smart, circulation and demo.

This is nothing but an amazing thing for your pain relief by means of electricity. You don’t need any other persons help directly! It’s like a product to take full control over your body to just eliminate all sorts of pain, distress, anxiety and disturbances from your brain and mind.

People who started to use massage chairs began to feel better. In fact there are a lot of individuals that said their overall feeling and health improved drastically after a few month of massage sessions. There is no doubt that you can only benefit from using this product and there is practically no risk involved. What’s more, it’s actually a big money-saver because a session with therapist would cost you a lot. However you don’t have to pay this price! By simply using best massage chair you can get all the benefits and keep your money in the pocket.

Another best massaging chair available on the market below

best massage chairs relaxzen

Nowadays, after an exhausting day, who doesn’t need a comfortable feeling by means of air, massage, bed, rocking chair etc.? However, we just came to know one specific object that might be very fascinating for your coziness after daylong tiredness. Yes people, its one of the best massage chair that we have come across, termed as Relaxzen. The only reason to put this topic in a limelight is due to its spectacular features for buyers. As most of the people, especially service holders, likes to have a warm and stress less feeling after their day long work; this chair might be of worth somehow. Talking about its characteristics might just help us in recognizing this object better

  • This relaxation chair can cover up massaging thighs, mid back, calves, and upper back quite enthusiastically.
  • One of the best technical specifications of this product is that, this product entails total 8 functions of vibrational modes. These modes can also be tuned as per the users discretion and convenience.
  • You can even choose massaging zones for specific focal point for proper scuffing.
  • This thing entails thick upholstery with chocolate brownish padding. Beneath, there is a strong base of wood. This combination somehow adds grater comfort for the user.
  • The most important prerequisite of massage therapy is heat. Through this product, you can remotely provide heat treatment to specific lumber areas.
  • Addition to the chair, there is another extra leg bestowing support that keeps legs firm and comfy.

If you are currently planning to buy a new one, then you better be noted that in amazon, this costs only $600. If you think of this as a waste of money, then people, you are wrong to a good extent. You’ll certainly need to pass some tension and distress free times for the sake for sanity.

Summing up the massage chair reviews


As you could see above, these are two great models of massage chairs available on amazon. You can get them and enjoy having them at your home. There is nothing better than taking care of your health. Make sure you really grab on of products we present on our website – you will benefit for years – not only you but also your family and friends assuming you will let them use this great product!


Best Massage Chair – complete package for your therapy

High Quality Equipment by “Beautyhealth”

best massage chairThere are loads of massaging chairs out there in the market but to pick the best massage chair, is the primary and imperative task for one. Those who like to have only massage but nothing else can either go to a parlor for a complete package, or buy a table where to lie and receive a massage from a therapist. But what if all your need and greed comes to a single package where you are to get the entire thing you need for comfort? Yes people, it has come to life.

The Beautyhealth Shiatsu is nothing but literally a complete package in this case because it not will only smoothen your mentality but will also, at the same time, will make you feel like you are lying on a waterbed for good. Why so? Lets move forward to get known with it better

  • Sitting on this chair not only scuffs your body but also makes your arms hooked and rubbed according to your discretion as per the programs.
  • There are, in total, 69 air bags beneath its thick padding, which allows for a comforter and more elastic massaging.
  • One of the most extraordinary features in this is that, it has mp3 synchronized operation system inbuilt which helps to rub your body as per the beat goes.
  • There are 6 different massage programs where 5 different methods are associated as well.
  • Splendid 170 degrees of inclination of its back makes you more stretched, which is, in turn, another impressive function out of it.

Modern technology to analyze your body

This product astonishes due to one more specific feature and that is the human body scanning technology. It studies human body, from toe to head and takes information from all of it. Afterwards it reprograms its all the effective measures to make a complete task for overall easing of human body, mind and soul!

Best massage chair Osaki 4000: Review

Up until now, modern technology has served mankind with a lot of things necessary for mankind comfort isn’t it? Yet, it’s true that it has been prudent enough to make human body feel a cozy and cloying comfort. We do sit on different types of chairs daily but here we are to get introduced with a chair that is specialized for massaging.

Technically embellished massage chair

Osaki 4000 is on of the best massaging chairs out there in the market for it possesses some exquisite features that is not only beneficial for human health but also for human metabolic actions related to zoological behavior. Some of the best-surfed features through this product are:
-It is embellished with comfortable foams and fabrics in areas like neck, limbs, and shoulder. It comfortably massages the body according to the curve it has.

best massage chairIt entails automatic functions for massaging separately in both the upper and the lower part of the body. It can cover shoulder, neck, back, and lumbar in the upper side while buttock, thighs, calves and feet can be covered by the technicality in the lower portion of the chair.

The most important feature of this product lies in its simple construction with engravings according to body curves and types. It holds all the separate body parts tightly in order to suppress massaging action promptly.

This technical invention includes six different massaging programs termed as:

  1. healthcare
  2. relax
  3. therapy
  4. smart
  5. circulation
  6. demo

The type of massage you need, just asks for the press on the right button.

This human massaging chair is one of the most effective and elegant out there in the market nowadays. Although you can find a better one than this one but the cost should hike in that cases.

Where this marvelous product costs only $2895 from amazon with a free shipping privilege, why don’t take it? Like other similar technical products, this product also allows micro adjustments to the different parts of the chair for the sake of making this product trampling in the massage world!